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I love the night life, but I dont have the money

I love the night life, but I dont have the moneyThe Office for National Statistics (ONS) released a new data that would surprise Britons. Clubbing is becoming a thing of the past. What gives?The report paid particular attention to the millennials, which would refer to the 18-35-year-old age bracket. The smoking ban forced many of these young ones to choose the night in. They wont get bored, thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. For social media animals, its hardly a quiet night when one is hooked on Facebook. (Addiction will be another case, though.) The ONS didnt outright enumerate the other factors affecting the young Britons, namely the rise of monthly rent, high cost of living, and the uncertainty of the job market. If you happen to be a young Londoner who can relate to it, then it means your so-called quiet nights will include watching an old flatmate leaving (for a cheaper accommodation) and a new one coming in. Not that your sweet landlady cant be your best mate, but it w ould be nice if it will be someone of your age.Clubbing is a part of a young professionals existence. At the end of a long week, one looks for distraction. Loud music, unabashed dancing, unlimited alcohol, you cant ask for more. If you happen to be living in one of the major cities of the world, then you know theres a limited time on such thrill. The virtues of a night in will outweigh the need for a night out. You must find a balance somewhere.You cant dismiss the need for social interaction, so you must find ways. This can make you eager for the next (working) week. Here are some suggestionsInvite your friends to dinner. You want to show your culinary skills to your friends, and there cant be no better way than to let them taste your dishes at your place. Make sure it will be Friday, so time wont be a problem. Otherwise, you can do a take out order. (You must have an idea of what food to order.) Have a bottle of wine (or cans of beer) place nearby.Be a couch potato. You switch cha nnels for hours, and it usually happens on a Sunday. If you dont fancy the Internet, not even in the mood for leisure reading, then make it a habit to sit on your favorite couch and watch a TV show. You should be grateful, as more producers are interested in good stories and unforgettable characters. (Regular cable viewers will attest to it.) If not, then switch to Turner Classic Movies (TCM). Not a few moan about the downside of American Cinema. (You dont need to go to the movie theater to watch a Marvel picture. You can wait for its debut on cable.) Theres no reason why Cary Grant cant make your day.Get used to authors as your regular companions. If youre unattached, then a pile of books besides your bed wont be a schwimmbad idea at all. Leisure reading has more benefits than you can imagine. You dont need to be an aspiring author to be able to understand its significance. Read all news

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The Fundamentals of Professional Resume Writing Service Orange County Revealed

The Fundamentals of Professional Resume Writing tafelgeschirr Orange County Revealed If you dont already have a professional looking email address an absolutely free one may be gotten at Yahoo or Gmail. Your resume should have the attractive means of contents and simple to comprehend by the employer. The same holds for hyperlinks. Type of Professional Resume Writing Service Orange County Be skeptical of anybody who says they will write a resume that is certain to secure you a job. For anybody looking to locate a job, while its your initial one or youre wishing to modify jobs, the significance of a oben liegend professional resume canleid be understated. Lots of people dont like their existing job or career. You will without a doubt receive the best job with your professional resume. What to Expect From Professional Resume Writing Service Orange County? In the current highly competitive job market its imperative that you quickly and concisely offer the hiring manager with t he info that they seek. Professional stock brokers take part in purchasing and selling shares or securities. Afterall, its your advertising document and YOU are the product that youre marketing. Youre a personal services business. Using Professional Resume Writing Service Orange County Professional resume writers know the intricacies to what works well in the current challenging atmosphere. The area of resume writing has attracted many folks working as writers with a broad range of talent and capability. Make sure your resume writing provides the impression you would like it to make To start with, youre likely to have to forget all youve ever learnt about writing resumes. Why Almost Everything Youve Learned About Professional Resume Writing Service Orange County Is Wrong No worries, understanding how to create a perfect resume isnt as hard as it looks. Therefore, understanding how to compose a professional resume is essential to your success. If youre out there on the loo kout for any skilled positions, then the professional resume you use for the objective is the only thing you are unable to afford to become wrong. A lot of people find they dont have enough time or resources to compose a professional resume that will get them results. Professional Resume Writing Service Orange County Secrets The very first step which you should take when plotting out your resume is to organize all your information. Presently, resume layout is easily the most significant part creating best resume. Once you have located a format which best presents your information use the layout that will help you begin. The format of your resume is vital, dont use the conventional layout your word processor offers you. What You Dont Know About Professional Resume Writing Service Orange County The resume maker ought to be able to supply several samples. A computer software can manage all of your trouble and produce the task simple for you so that all youve got to do is take a printout or save in your documents folder. The absolute most important document you will be liable for in your lifetime is your resume. Many resumes do not sell simply since theyre poorly focused For example, just because your job was to bag groceries does not necessarily mean that is the info that you put on your resume. Naturally, you want some expert guidance in developing this kind of awesome resume for your LinkedIn profile. After getting the info about optimization and parts of LinkedIn profile, it will become obvious to employ the expert services of pro writers to boost your LinkedIn profile. You have to put the most relevant information at the peak of your resume. Your own personal information ought to be listed on top of your resume. On the flip side, a professional resume writer provides you an accurate assessment of the way the employer would view your background. When seeking the assistance of a professional its important to seek out a certified resume writer .

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Mining workers in demand

Mining workers in demand Mining workers in demandPosted October 13, 2011, by Louisa Veidelis With the mining and resources industries leading the charge in Australias economic retitelseitey, the shortage of workers in these areas is set to worsen. If demand stays strong in this booming sector, 86 000 more new workers will be needed in the field over the next decade, according to a report by the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA). While there are currently opportunities to work at all stages of minerals and mining, from entry-level to professorial and managerial roles, the biggest shortages by 2020 will be for tradespeople and semi-skilled operators, according to the report. Mining in Australia Australias resource-rich land means that we extract and process large quantities of iron ore, nickel, bauxite, copper, gold, silver, uranium, diamonds, opal, zinc and coal. The minerals industry makes up 8.9 per cent of Australias GDP and 50 per cent of Australias total exports. Iron ore and coal are forecast to be areas with significant shortages. Jobs in mining There is a wide range of jobs in mining to suit all levels of skill, education and experience. Semi-skilled jobs (e.g. drillers assistant, trainee operator, labourer) require a good work ethic and sometimes an entry-level TAFE qualification. Skilled jobs (e.g. mobile plant operator/driver, underground or opencut miner, driller) require a TAFE-recognised skill set or qualification. Trades (e.g. electrician, mechanic, maintenance, welder) require a VET/TAFE qualification or apprenticeship. Technical/supervisor jobs (e.g. mine planner, safety and health officer, geoscience technician, environmental officer) require a qualification from TAFE or university and some on-the-job training. Professional/managerial jobs (e.g. various branches of engineering, environmental scientists, geoscientists) require a university degree and depending on the role, extensive experience in the industry. Where the jobs are There i s mining activity in all states and territories but fruchtwein current job opportunities are in Western Australia and Queensland. According to the report by the Minerals Council of Australia, almost 60 per cent of new workers by 2020 will be needed in Western Australia. Working conditions Many miners work rosters of two weeks on, two weeks off, flying to and from the mine site each fortnight. Mining and resources workers are well paid. Average pay in this industry has risen 60 per cent since 2004 and is higher than the average pay in financial services. Women in mining There are ample opportunities for women to work in mining and resources. Women make up around 10 per cent of the mining workforce in Australia and are recognised by employers as an untapped resource. The working and leadership style of women is in valued on worksites in this industry. Interestingly, female machine operators are said to have lower injury rates and be more steady, causing less wear and tear on the mac hines. Mining companies are trying to attract more women and many have redressed pay inequalities and introduced more family-friendly policies. How to get started Mining and resources employers look for workers who have a good work ethic and sometimes a TAFE or university qualification. If youre interested in working in a skilled or operator job, or a trade, you may need a TAFE Certificate III or higher, a heavy vehicle licence and Mining and Resource Contractors Safety Training Association (MARCSTA) accreditation. It would also be an advantage to have a recent first aid certificate and a medical examination before applying. If youre at university you might consider vac work or vacation work. This involves paid short-term employment on work sites and the opportunity to network with employers. Make sure your resume is well written and formatted, and includes your skills, qualifications and relevant experience. Your cover letter (written specifically for each job you apply for) sh ould give specific examples that demonstrate your skills and abilities. Both documents should be proofed by a friend before you start applying for jobs. You can see a sample dump truck driver resume and cover letter on our site. Finally, apply for jobs, apprenticeships and traineeships online you can find employment opportunities on job boards like or on the websites of mining or contractor companies. 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Here are four symptoms that might suggest its time for a change.

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8 Jobs That Pay Well

8 Jobs That Pay Well8 Jobs That Pay WellA look at eight of the high-paying occupations and industries gaining traction.If youre planning to change jobs - and perhaps boost your salary - you might first consider some lucrative industries, and then pry into those industries for specific occupations. According to an analysis of Department of Labor figures by Dr. Laurence Shatkin, a career information expert, the four industries below are worth examining. Shatkin, who is a senior product developer at JIST Publishing, also provides examples of high-paid jobs within those industries filled by at least 1,000 or more workers across the country.The following industry and occupation descriptions are based on information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and 250 Best-Paying Jobs, Second Edition, by Michael Farr and Dr. Laurence Shatkin (Jist Works).UtilitiesThe utilities industry includes companies that generate, transmit and distribute electrical power distribute natural gas treat and dist ribute fresh water and treat wastewater.1. Occupation Nuclear engineers conduct research on nuclear engineering problems or apply principles and theory of nuclear science to problems concerned with release, control and utilization of nuclear energy and nuclear waste disposal.Median annual salary $96,000Number of workers nationwide 8,0002. Occupation Computer software engineers, systems software research, design, develop and test operating systems-level software, compilers and network distribution software for medical, industrial, military, communications, aerospace, business, scientific and general computing applications.Median annual salary $91,000Number of workers 1,400Technology ServicesCareers in the professional, scientific and technical services industry include legal advice and representation accounting, bookkeeping and payroll architecture, engineering and specialized design computer services consulting research advertising photography translation and interpretation and vete rinary services.3. Occupation Computer hardware engineers research, design, develop and test computer or computer-related equipment for commercial, industrial, military or scientific use.Median annual salary $99,000Number of workers 2,2004. Occupation Aerospace engineers perform a variety of engineering work in designing constructing and testing aircraft, missiles and spacecraft.Median annual salary $98,000Number of workers 22,000Media and Content PublishingThe information industry consists of occupations in publishing, including software publishing, and both traditional publishing and publishing exclusively online motion picture and sound recording broadcasting, including traditional broadcasting and those broadcasting exclusively online telecommunications Web-search portals data processing and information services.5. Occupation Sales engineers sell business goods or services - the selling of which requires a technical hintergrund equivalent to a bachelors degree in engineering.Me dian annual salary $92,000Number of workers 8,0006. Occupation Industrial production managers plan, direct or coordinate the work activities and resources necessary for manufacturing products in accordance with cost, quality and quantity specifications.Median annual salary $88,000Number of workers 2,000Government and EducationThose working for federal, state or local government agencies as well as school districts and universities perform jobs that serve the public.7. Occupation Computer and information scientists, researchersconduct research into fundamental computer and information science as theorists, designers or inventors. They solve or develop solutions to problems in the field of computer hardware and software.Median annual salary $99,000Number of workers 6,0008. Occupation Natural science managers plan direct or coordinate activities in life sciences, physical sciences, mathematics, statistics and research and development in these fields.Median annual salary $98,000Number o f workers 14,000

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What we need from our bosses to succeed at work

What we need from our bosses to succeed at workWhat we need from our bosses to succeed at workEmployee engagement is the difference between seeing your work as a job or as a career. If youve ever worked in an office counting down the hours till you can clock out, you know this intimately. But a new comprehensive human resources study can now back you up with numbers.In an Officevibe real-time datasurvey of 50,000 employees across 150 countries, the software company found that workers across the world needed the same core needs - which included recognition, feedback, personal growth, and work-life balance- met to succeed in the workplace and to stay happy at their jobs.Recognition and feedbackHaving your hard work acknowledged is key to feeling invested in your job. Too many employees, however, arent getting the recognition they need.In fact, 63% of the employees surveyed believed that their work wasnt being recognized. Thats nearly two-thirds of American workers walking around feeli ng invisible.Not feeling appreciated is coupled with the equally discouraging feeling that no one cares enough to check what youre doing. 32% of employees said they had to wait more than three months to get feedback.This cloud of negativity and apathy is what causes employees to disengage and quit. More than half of employees in a Gallup study said they would jump ship for a new job that would give them more recognition and praise.Employees and managers can fix this by offering positive reinforcement early and often. Its an unlimited resource. Theres no cap to how much praise you can give.A Harvard Business Review analysis even found that positive reinforcement makes more of a difference in employee relationships with managers than corrective criticism. Managers who only give negative feedback were seen as leaders who only saw whats wrong. Employees started to think that their bosses were unfit to lead if they were unable to see the whole picture. The takeaway from all this dont wit hhold praise. It can only help you.One more tip dont just say good job. Thats a generic Hallmark card version of praise. Its more effective if you make it authentic and individualized to that persons contributions to the company.A chance to move up in their careersNew opportunities and challenges are how we keep growing in our careers. Unfortunately, over half of respondents in the survey said they didnt have any career advancement opportunities. When youre not getting these challenges for professional development, you start to get bored and feel stuck, and youll look at that recruiters email with more interest.Work-life balance23% percent of employees reported leaving work feeling exhausted.When your body starts to break down because of a job, it begins to feel untenable to go on. Employers should encourage wohlbefinden programs, frequent vacations, and regular breaks to prevent this burnout.Work cultureThis one makes or breaks companies. How can you increase your companys growth i f your own employees dont recommend the pace of your place?Over 56% of employees surveyed in the study said they wouldnt recommend their organizations as good places to work. They were more willing to recommend the companys products rather than their own teams. Without that positive work culture, you have a corrosive attitude like the employees surveyed had- one that will erode any good will and job satisfaction.These findings show that employee happiness begins with feeling invested in your job and that your company is invested in you. And not just in what you bring to the table as an employee, but you, the whole human.

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The Tarzan Robot Assists Agriculture

The Tarzan Robot Assists Agriculture The Tarzan Robot Assists Agriculture The Tarzan Robot Assists AgricultureAgriculture continues to evolve as the worlds population grows and the climate changes, and assessing crops as they grow requires people and time. But robots may provide a solution.The Tarzan robot named after the Edgar Rice Burroughs character because it swings around on overhead lines to landsee the crops from different angles is one option researchers are exploring when it comes to robotics and farming. The idea is to have many of these robots covering large square footage, and communicating with each other to check different areas and evaluate conditions.More Mouths to FeedBy 2050 there is projected to be nine billion people on the planet that will need more food, and there are a whole group of researchers trying to make plants better than existing ones, says Ai-Ping Hu, senior research engineer for Georgia Tech Research Institute. With soybeans, we have a partnership w ith the University of Georgia working with professors there and looking for strengths like drought tolerance. You can also look at aspects such as temperature of leaves, angles, size. This is called phenotyping, looking at outward physical expression.The Tarzan robot team from left Siavash Farzan, Ai-Ping Hu, Professor Jonathan Rogers, and Evan Davies. Image Georgia TechTheres a great absprache of interest in automating this process, he says, with some looking at UAVs or drones to serve this purpose. But, he adds, a problem is that they have a short battery life. They can fly for 20 to 30 minutes, but maybe a dedicated pilot is needed, he says. There are also safety issues and FAA regulations.Making parallel clotheslines was the start of the project. By having robots with lots of sensors, on cables, and having them talking to each other, we can do really detailed phenotyping that I dont think you can get with UAVs, he explains. Our way is a swinging motion which is called brachiatio n, a very efficient form of locomotion.The Tarzan robots parts include two carbon fiber armsat a central pivot where the payload is and the hands are made of 3D printed plastic. There is a thermal sensor and an app that will talk to a thermal camera and look at an accelerometer and snap images when there is no longer shaking.At one point, the goal was to have the fingertips grip the cable with compression, but that was found to be unreliable because of slippage. They changed to a design where the fingertips go over the cable safety in case it slips through the grip.The robots only need to be trickle charged with solar power and dont have to leave the power lines. Because they are close to the ground, the images are very detailed.We can move the cables as we go along but they are currently about six feet above, he says. As plants grow, soybean plants get to about five feet tall and we will have to go higher than that so they dont hit them when swinging to get the field of view we wan t.The robot weighs 10 pounds and will cost around $1,000, Hu says. Were looking forward to getting all the results in the field, he says, But we see a strong chance at assistance for farmers, which may lower costs for consumers.Eric Butterman is an independent writer.Were looking forward to getting all the results in the field. But we see a strong chance at assistance for farmers, which may lower costs for consumers. Prof. Ai-Ping Hu, Georgia Tech Research Institute

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Engineering and Reshoring Creativity Matters

Engineering and Reshoring Creativity Matters Engineering and Reshoring Creativity Matters Engineering and Reshoring Creativity MattersReshoringbringing manufacturing work back to the U.S. from lower-cost countriesis a critical issue for the U.S. manufacturing industry and the national economy. Technical investments that can make manufacturers more competitive include Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, additive manufacturing, automation, robotics, and big-data analytics.However, looking at the engineering design process itself is just as important. How can it be improved to boost efficiency and reduce cost? Eliminating unnecessary complexity or extra steps will streamline the engineering process, making this a significant factor in making onshore costs competitive.Take, for example, Mitchell Metal Products (MMP) in Merrill, WI. This contract manufacturer makes a variety of products for original equipment manufacturers across a wide range of industries. In 2016, the company submit ted a bid to a U.S.-based manufacturer of lawn and garden equipment to manufacture a handle for a cultivator that welches currently being made in Southeast Asia. During the bidding process, we had to display ur value compared to the total costs involved with, and compared to, the offshore supply chain, states MMP President Tim Zimmerman.MMP president Tim Zimmerman explains how creative engineering design was integral to his projects success.This required a deep dive into the companys traditional methods of manufacturing to find ways to reduce costs enough to win the project and still make money. MMP assembled a cross-functional gruppe that included most internal departments, two subcontractors, and the tooling staff. The result was a new process that increased the production volume of the cultivator handle subassembly product from 4,500 made overseas to 30,000 made in Wisconsin. In fact, this project received the first-ever National Reshoring Award in October 2017 from the Reshoring Initiative for bringing manufacturing back to the U.S.Creative engineering design was an integral part of this overall success. In the following, Tim Zimmerman discusses how creative engineering changes made the project viable.Q What were the engineering challenges required for this project? A There were two challenging factors we needed to address with ur internal engineering talent in buchung to offer a cost to ur end customer that was competitive with the offshore source. Both challenges were related to the kickstand component of the full assembly 1) the kickstand bracket (a metal stamping component), and 2) assembly of bracket, wire form, springs, fasteners, and washers. The issue with each was the same using traditional processes, the labor involved was too costly.Q Tell us about the kickstand bracket. A The kickstand is a subcomponent part of the cultivator handle assembly. The annual volume of assemblies at the time we made our offer was quite low, 3,000 to 4,500 assemblies per year. This type of volume does not support a large, progressive tool. Traditionally, the kickstand bracket would be tooled in stage tools, which creates multiple operations to complete the part. We did not have enough room in our costing structure to support multiple operations. On the flip side, our die design software was suggesting a 16-station progressive tool. The cost for us to build such a tool was prohibitive. The reason so many stations were being called for is because there are extruded holes on each side of the bracket. Their alignment through the entire extruded length of the hole is critical to proper performance of the kickstand.Winning the project to produce this kickstand required MMP to rethink traditional methods of manufacturing.The challenge for our engineering staff was to create a progressive tool with far fewer stations than the automated software was calling for. In the end we designed a toolwith half the stations initially required. This allowed us to br ing costs into line. In order to reduce the number of stations, we designed two cam-driven stations, which replaced several stations designed to assure proper alignment of extruded holes. Two other stations were combined into one as well. The tool is working very well for us. It is a leistungspunkt to the ingenuity of our staff that we created a robust, well-performing tool at greatly reduced cost. Tooling took seven weeks to finalize design, build, and put into service.From time to time, especially with challenging tool designs, we employ a virtual tool try-out where the tool design is run through a simulated production process, which we did with this project. We rented time on a simulator rather than host our own simulation software suite. This way, we have connection to simulators who have access to very robust steel data, which is essential if the simulation is going to be meaningful.Q How did you deal with assembly of the kickstand? A We conducted time studies of the proposed a ssembly process for the kickstand during the quoting process. It quickly became apparent we would need to semi-automate the assembly process in order to maintain the labor cost allowance we had available. Our engineers and tool department worked together to design an air-powered assembly cell, allowing us to assemble the kickstand bracket, wire form, fasteners, springs, and washers in a matter of seconds rather than minutes, as would be the case if the process was done manually. Not only was speed important, but the cell also had to be designed and constructed in a very cost-effective manner. Once again, the team came through and created a work cell that met our investment budget and brought throughput to a level that allowed us to submit an ultimately successful bid for the project.Although the process was quite straightforward, our team took great care to build the cell in an ergonomically friendly manner. Parts are loaded in a way that allows the operator to maintain great postur e. As production runs became larger and larger, this factor greatly reduced and/or eliminated operator fatigue.The flow of parts into the work center is essential for allowing us to maintain efficient throughput. Good attention to detail in design, along with incorporating suggestions from operators who work in the department, allowed us to be successful. Sometimes the important innovations that become game-changers are not the technology itself, but the way the technology is employed, enabling operators to perform at high level.Q Overall, what did it cost to make these engineering improvements? A We incurred about $25,000 in cost, which we footed ourselves in order to land this project. We calculated we would save around $13,000 annually as a result, which placed the investment within our 24-month pay-back period. This may not sound like a lot of money, however, if we did not have the internal resources to design and build tools, fixtures, and work stations, the cost to have done t his outside would easily be five to eight times the investment we made. Our internal capabilities are what allowed us to be successful.Q Any advice for other manufacturers about bringing back work from overseas? A An important concept was that we had to envision and somewhat design each of the ideas at the time we quoted the project. It then became absolutely critical the concepts be turned into actual tools to be utilized as planned in the production process.As a contract manufacturer, it is vital to approach every important new opportunity seeking an innovative way to approach it. This means that as an organization, we must quickly vet ideas and concepts, and do so with great confidence. It requires a mix of knowledge, experience, and access to the latest in technology, including die simulation software.Our design engineers also work very closely with our tooling department. It is the knowledge gained, both ways, that allows us to be successful and offer ingenious concepts to our customers. Design engineers learn great detail regarding our internal production operations as a result. The tool-and-die professionals learn much about cost-effectiveness and automation from the design staff. It is truly a win/win situation.Mark Crawford is an independent writer. For Further Discussion